In Doppelganger Collection design process there is a high emphasis on transparency and sustainable value chain.  We strive for long lasting products and durability rather than fast moving trends.  We aim for quality above quantity.

In our design we have chosen to tell a story about who we are and our origins.  We treasure the old Icelandic patterns and ornaments as well as history of what people have been wearing through times.  We adore and worship the craftsmanship of old ancient times.

We want to take responsibility throughout the entire value chain and keep transparency in all key processes.  That is why we have chosen to work only with one manufacturer and one type of raw material (mono-material), to simplify the whole process of manufacturing.  Keeping the concept strong and transparent is important for Doppelganger.

Our aim is to create a long lasting collaborations with our business partners.  We believe that building together a source of knowledge and understanding we obtain the best product for our customer.

The origin of the raw material has to be from best possible supplier and we trust our yarn supplier to provide the best quality and origin of material.

The yarn Doppelganger Collection uses is made out of 70% merino wool & 30% mulberry silk and has high environmental standards Blue Sign and Oekotex 100.  The yarn has also new award winning innovation EXP4.0.  The EXP method makes it possible to produce washable wool without using chlorine in the manufacturing process.

Doppelganger Collection is built on a good collaboration between the production factory and the designers and is only made with one producer to maintain stability and ensure the quality of the product at all time.

 We have chosen the best factory with the location and facilities in mind so it will be easy to operate and audit the facilities and handle transportation issues.

Personal communication and transparency regarding production is a demand.  

In the future, we assume the relationship with the factory to become stronger with time and completely transparent due to trust and good relationships and ongoing business between the brand owners, the designers and the factory.

 There needs to be care, perfection and soul put into the product from the workers.  We believe the conditions of the workers are reflected in the product outcome.

All garments are fully fashioned machine knitted, go through a piece by piece quality control and are carefully finished by hand - making the finishing on inside as refined as the outside.

In all aspects of the company operation we strive to use only the best suppliers who offer the best eco friendly solutions.  We will verify in the beginning of the co-operation, that all facilities and working conditions in the factory are due to European standards. 


It is important for the concept of Doppelganger to manufacture the products near to  the origin of the raw material to prevent long transportations and unnecessary pollution and CO2 emission.

Doppelganger Collection believes in long lasting designs and quality that remain in your wardrobe for years.  That is a sustainable way of living.  The garment is a luxury you want to keep forever and ever.

In the customer communication the emphasis is on how the customer can make minimal impact on the environment by washing the garment correctly, not too often and on low heat to minimize the environmental  impact.

The Doppelganger Collection product is made from a natural, biodegradable fiber, monomaterial which means if you leave the product for long enough in nature, it will disintegrate.

However, we believe in redistributing unwanted clothes so if you no longer have need for your Doppelganger garment you should not dispose of it.  Pass it on to a friend with love or re-sell your garment to someone, that is truly sustainable.